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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    1) What transformation do you sell? What’s the big-picture solution and the specific result your clients will achieve? In what time frame can this result be achieved?

    Business strategist- To develop a strategic plan to help the business, reach its goals and improve its bottom line and findability. Time: 60 days.

    2) What is the strongest possible guarantee in the time frame stated above? (super critical to your success)

    The project can be accomplished in 30 days so I offer 60 days to overdeliver.

    3) Imagine you saw a Facebook ad, what would be 3–5 headlines, based upon your big promise, the results and the time frame?

    Bankable Business in a Box Avoid the new business but falls A Fundable Business is hard to FAIL.

    4) Who is the avatar? Who buys and gets the best results with you? Explain them in detail. What problem do they want to click their fingers and have solved instantly and what results do they want right now?

    Small business owners. Male business owners. Shop at Home Depot, Tailgate, Eat at Sports Bars, Family, 1st Tthey want a Business in a Box that they can pick up at the DRIVE-TH

    5) What makes your product/service/offer unique, why should they choose you over anyone else in the world?

    It has a more long-term foundational value. What I offer will allow them to understand Business and fund the Business.

    6) Give me five bullets to summarise your program/product, results, What can you guarantee, specific outcome of the program/product, and other main benefits that your ideal client cares about? (this should NOT be a list of deliverables.)

    A Business you can take to the bank. Properly Structured for Funding 60 days to the Funding Foundation. 50 K in Funding. No new business pitfalls.

    7) What’s the goal of your high ticket funnel? Are you looking to book high ticket sales calls? Or do you want a person to fill in an application?

    Goal is to have the funnel create a “Rock Star” raving fan read

    8) What is the price point of your high ticket offer?


    9) Our photos are shared with you via ClickFunnels, would you happen to have a ClickFunnels account?

    Yes, I have my own ClickFunnels account.